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Anki Vector Robot Black Friday Deals & Cyber Monday Sales 2023

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Last update was in: November 26, 2023 5:15 am

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Will Anki’s New Vector Robot be Discounted for Black Friday 2023?

We are big fans of Anki and have been following them closely ever since the release of Cozmo back in 2016 and Overdrive before that. However, their new robot release Vector has us more excited than ever, and we are sure you agree since you are looking for Vector robot Black Friday deals info! But are discounts on Anki’s new robot likely?

Due to how new the product is, there is limited price data on which we can make a Vector Black Friday price prediction. So we will have to refer back to previous Anki releases. Similar to Cozmo, Vector was released in October just before Black Friday. We think this is no coincidence as it falls right before the deals period, just in time for Christmas.

Given Cozmo had nearly 20% off during the Black Friday after its release and seen similar in subsequent years, we are predicting Anki Vector Black Friday & Cyber Monday discounts to be in this same region. However, this is a premium model so Anki might not be as generous with Black Friday deals on Vector robots. We won’t know until nearer the time, so drop back here for updates!

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What’s New with the Anki Vector Robot?

Vector is the latest release from robotics company Anki. In many ways, it is very similar to Cozmo. Apart from a few minor changes, such as a color change to black, the exterior design, look and mechanical function is pretty much identical.

However, Vector has nearly double the amount of parts as Cozmo at 700, so Anki have clearly decided to invest is the development of the internal hardware and software. Here are what we thought were some of the most notable differences between Anki Vector and Cozmo.

The hardware makes Anki Vector Black friday deals worth it

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Anki Vector Robot vs Cozmo

When it comes to comparing two of the most popular robots on the market, Anki Vector Robot and Cozmo, it is essential to look at their features and capabilities in detail. Anki Vector Robot is the upgraded version of Cozmo, and it comes with many new features and functionalities that Cozmo lacks.

Last update was on: November 26, 2023 5:15 am

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  • Processor – Vector features a much improved Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 processor for way more computing power. This means Vector can now do the processing internally without the need for an additional device!
  • WIFI – Combined with the upgraded processor, Vector’s ability to connect directly to WIFI enables him to operate and update on his own.
  • Built in Mic – We’ve been waiting on this one a while! Vector now has a mic for voice control allowing it to react to commands. Since he also has WIFI connectivity, you can fire questions for him to answer, set timers, ask him to take photos and more – it’s more like a voice assistant. Anki have also said they plan to integrate with Alexa for more functions.
  • Own Voice – Whilst Cozmo was capable of making cute noises, Vector now has his own voice to express emotions and answer questions.
  • Cubes – Cozmo has 3 games cubes, but vector only comes with the one – odd for a premium model. Perhaps this is because Vector is more targeted at adults and less intended for play? We think this is the only major downside to Vector.
  • Capacitive Touch Sensor – This awesome addition allows Vector to interpret when he is being touched, petted or picked up.
  • Infrared Laser Scanner – A neat bit of hardware in the front that enables Vector to track distance and map his environment, which helps prevent crashing into things!
  • Drop Sensors – 4 drop sensors also help to prevent damage by helping to stop Vector driving off edges.
  • Better Camera – Upgraded to 720p in Vector with 120 degree wide angle view.
  • Display – Vector now has a high-res full color display.
  • SDK – The best part about Cozmo was undoubtedly being able to program him with the SDK. However, Anki have stated this will not be released until roughly the beginning of 2023.

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So that’s the main differences between Cozmo and Vector. One thing not mentioned here is that Vector is the premium option from Anki, so we do recommend looking out for Vector robot Black Friday deals for 2023 before making a purchase. Any info we find will be posted at the top of this article.

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