Jewelry and Gems

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Providing: jewelry made from silver, glass, beads and other organic findings that invoke the sand-filled streets of Africa and beyond. My cousin in M'Bour, Senegal makes the more traditional and nomad style pieces from my culture. I create the more modern designs that reflect my inspirations from my home country and the city I live in.
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Location: Groton, Connecticut, United States
Shipping: Free in United States
Payments: Crypto, silver, cash, money order, barter
Category: Crafts and Supplies / Jewelry and Gems

Canopybear Reiki and Healing Arts
Providing: Distant energy healings/Reiki, trainings, meditation series, psychic/tarot readings. Gift Products include: Reiki infused jewelry such as crystal power bracelets, aromatherapy body care and flower essences. I work with children-adults. In addition to being a Reiki Master Practitioner, I am a licensed speech language pathologist and combine Reiki with my speech therapy sessions/training as well. Free consultations offered.
     Phone (831) 406-1635
     Telegram: @canopybear
Location: Houston, Texas, United States and Web Based
Shipping: free domestic shipping over 35 dollars
Payments: bitcoin, silver, cash, money order, barter
Category: Body Care / Teaching and Tutoring / Astrology and Readings / Jewelry and Gems

Naked Fairy Apothecary
Providing: I design and create synergistic crystal and stone jewelry for specific conditions or effects, orgonite pyramids and unique orgonite jewelry, scalar units and frequency amplifiers of many varieties, and occasional artwork on canvas. Custom orders available. shungite jewelry and soap, protection necklaces, and much more!!
     Telegram: @NakedFairy
Location: Springfield, Missouri, United States and Web Based
Shipping: I ship per regular post rate
Payments: direct cash transfer, bitcoin, silver, or trade
Category: Jewelry and Gems/ Spiritual Services Services / Body Care