Teaching and Tutoring

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The American Seamstress
Providing: Online sewing and textiles lessons, sewing patterns, sewing instruction books, embroidery designs, custom imprinting and embroidery
Contact: store.TheAmericanSeamstress.com
Location: Web Based
Shipping: Ships to most countries, online services available worldwide
Payments: Crypto, silver, cash, money order, barter and/or whatever non-bank method
Category: Crafts and Supplies / Teaching and Tutoring

Black Sun Boxing
Providing: Martial Arts and Fitness instruction
Contact: BlackSunBoxing.com
     Email director@blacksunrenaissance.com
     Phone 602-472-5918
Location: Mesa, Arizona, United States
Payments: cash, money order
Category: Martial Arts / Teaching and Tutoring

Canopybear Reiki and Healing Arts
Providing: Distant energy healings/Reiki, trainings, meditation series, psychic/tarot readings. Gift Products include: Reiki infused jewelry such as crystal power bracelets, aromatherapy body care and flower essences. I work with children-adults. In addition to being a Reiki Master Practitioner, I am a licensed speech language pathologist and combine Reiki with my speech therapy sessions/training as well. Free consultations offered.
Contact: CanopyBear.com
     Email canopybearcenter@gmail.com
     Phone (831) 406-1635
     Telegram: @canopybear
Location: Houston, Texas, United States and Web Based
Shipping: free domestic shipping over 35 dollars
Payments: bitcoin, silver, cash, money order, barter
Category: Body Care / Teaching and Tutoring / Astrology and Readings / Jewelry and Gems

Clarity Accounting Services, Inc.
Providing: Retainer for Advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisory Services (training / consulting)
Contact: Clarity4qb.com
Location: Des Moines, Iowa, United States. Telephone / remote desktop support for longer distances
Payments: Crypto, silver/gold, cash, money order, barter
Category: Financial Services / Teaching and Tutoring

Contraband Joe Translations and Tutoring
Providing: English/Spanish document translation or proofreading of websites, manuals, pamphlets, legal docs, books. Interpretation. Language Tutoring for students and business people.
Contact: ContrabandJoe.com / contraband@ContrabandJoe.com / Telegram: @ContrabandJoe / Twitter: @ContrabandJoe or twitter.com/ContrabandJoe
Location: Web based
Payments: Crypto, silver, cash in the mail, money order, physical or digital gift cards (Amazon, Whole Foods, etc.)
Category: Internet Services, Teaching and Tutoring, Clerical

Emily Reed Singer
Providing: Live and streaming music performance. Also I offer Singing Lessons in English to help singers improve their technique from complete beginner to advanced.
Contact: Female Singer - EntertainersWorldwide.com/female-singers/emily-reed-60095
Singing Lessons - EmilyReedSinger.com/learn-to-sing-singing-course
Location: Web Based
Payments: cash, money order
Category: Music and Performance / Teaching and Tutoring

Empowered Empath Solutions
Providing: Self-development coaching
Contact: EmpoweredEmpathSolutions.com
     Email contact@EmpoweredEmpathSolutions.com
Location: Web Based
Payments: Crypto, silver, cash, money order, barter and/or whatever non-bank method (email me)
Category: Teaching and Tutoring / Spiritual Services Services

English Tutor
Providing: English tuition adapted to suit adults and children. I am experienced, enthusiastic and communicate well with all levels and ages. Ideal for homeschooling or unschooling/EFL
Contact: rachelmtutor@gmail.com
Location: Web Based
Payments: Crypto
Category: Teaching and Tutoring

Guitar Lessons and Musical Education
Providing: Guitar Lessons, musical education in English or German (also Spanish, but limited). I can cover most styles, from complete beginner to advanced. Electric-guitar, acoustic-, western-, Bass or Ukulele.
Contact: lbry.tv/@mezmereyes:2
     Email keslu@protonmail.com
Location: Web Based
Payments: Crypto, barter
Category: Music and Performance / Teaching and Tutoring

Good Food UnEarthed - Nutrition for Mind and Body
Providing: Nutrition webinars and workshops; Whole Food Plant-Based Coaching Programs (2 and 4-week programs); Empowered Health webinars; and Covid-19: Investigating the Truth 2-part webinar. BONUS: Know Your Rights and Tools to Protect Them webinar. Join the Know Thyself Empowered Health Club.
Contact: GoodFoodUnearthed.com/
Location: Web based
Payments: Cash/Barter (services and/or food - contact for details)
Category: Teaching and Tutoring

The Homestead Guru
Providing: Regular content on homesteading, unschooling, homeschooling, and much more. We also offer ebooks, courses and more for sale for cryptocurrency at the Guru Store.
Contact: TheHomestead.guru
     Email TheHomesteadGuru@gmail.com
Location: Web Based
Payments: We accept crypto and also barters for our products and services. Contact us at our email if you have a trade in mind!
Category: Agorism Promoting Online Publications / Teaching and Tutoring / Books and Publications

Hooked on Brooklyn
Providing: Editing of documents in English, translation from German to English or Italian to English, English lessons (for non-native speakers as well as native speakers, i.e. in a homeschooling & unschooling context)
Contact: HookedOnBrooklyn.com / Location: Web based
Payments: barter, cash, money order
Category: Teaching and Tutoring / Translating

Hunter's Eden Land Consulting
Providing: Helping guide land owners and managers to manage their properties with a focus on holistic wildlife management. We aim to help you turn your property into a sustainable wild food producing asset through land management techniques and philosophies including permaculture, regenerative ag, holistic livestock management, etc in order shape your property into a wildlife paradise. We also offer advice on fire-safe landscaping, timber production, wild edible plants and other land management goals.
Contact: HuntersEden.blogspot.com
     Email campt91@yahoo.com
Location: Web Based or Phone from Pacific Northwest
Payments: Crypto, precious metals, cash as well as barter
Category: Management Services / Outdoor and Gardening / Teaching and Tutoring

Jackson Hole Shooting Experience
Providing: Shooting experiences and shooting instruction
Contact: ShootInJH.com
Location: Jackson, Wyoming, United States
Payments: Crypto, silver, cash, barter, gold, Stihl chainsaws, other ...
Category: Teaching and Tutoring / Travel and Tourism

Liberty Lives
Providing: privacy technology, education/tutoring, cryptocurrency/alternative currency services, and food security. More details at first link and upon request.
Contact: Telegram: t.me/+aW7yucOu_pY3OGMx and t.me/LibertyLives00
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Payments: Crypto, silver, gold, cash and barter
Category: Electronics / Teaching and Tutoring

The Math Translator
Providing: Homeschool courses in math from Prealgebra to Precalculus
Contact: TheMathTranslator.com
     Email TheMathTranslator@protonmail.com
Location: Web Based
Payments: Crypto, silver, cash, money order, barter and/or whatever we work out
Category: Teaching and Tutoring

Molly's Gold Standard Translations, etc.
Providing: High-quality and meticulous Spanish<>English translation of documents of all fields, both lay and specialized (legal, scientific, academic, art); Spanish<>English interpretation (remote via zoom); English copyediting; Spanish and English tutoring; English and Spanish transcriptions; Video subtitling. I am a bilingual professional with 15+ years of experience. I'm happy to provide references.
Contact: molly.clinehens@gmail.com
     Telegram @mollyclinehens
Location: Web Based
Shipping: Free shipping
Payments: Crypto, gold, silver, cash
Category: Translating / Video Services / Teaching and Tutoring

Music Lessons and Coaching
Providing: Music teaching at any level on-line, offered in English, Italian or Danish. Piano and other keyboard instruments (pipe organ, harpsichord) and several styles (not only classical). Arranging, Composition. Ear Training, Tuning. High quality audio/video setup and recordings.
Contact: DarioAndreella.com
     Matrix/Element @darayavahush:matrix.org
     Email business@darioandreella.com
Location: Web Based
Shipping: Free
Payments: Crypto, barter, cash, whatever we may agree on
Category: Teaching and Tutoring / Music and Performance

Providing: Life coaching on relationships via zoom or phone in 1 hr. sessions (I offer a free 1 hour consultation)
Contact: PedigoLifeCoaching.com
Location: Web Based
Payments: Crypto
Category: Teaching and Tutoring

Peyote Crossing
Providing: Proofreading, original writing and content creation with 20 years experience blogging and commercial copywriting. Super efficient editing, spelling, and ghostwriting, professional, punctual and imaginative. Also on line idiomatic English lessons designed for advanced speakers who strive for native level expressions and fluency. Bilingual English/Spanish and suited for groups up to 4. Non technical translations also available.
Contact: Email DolphinFreeD@protonmail.com
Location: Web based from Uruguay
Payments: BC, XMR, cash, money order
Category: Writing and Research / Teaching and Tutoring

Privacy Consulting/Guide
Providing: Personal privacy advice to help you:
     - identify your privacy needs
     - formulate strategies to meet your privacy needs
     - evaluate privacy tools and technologies - apps, platforms, etc.
     - setup your devices for privacy
     - maintain your privacy
Contact: privacybox@tuta.io
Location: Web Based, United States
Payments: Monero, cash, money order, precious metals, whatever agreed
Category: Information Technology Services / Teaching and Tutoring

Raine Sillito Consulting
Providing: Ayurvedic Family Wellness Consults, Holistic Learning Resources and Coaching. A holistic approach to family wellness and learning, embracing natural rhythms and connections to nature.
Contact: RaineSillito.ca
Location: Web Based
Payments: Crypto, silver, cash, money order, barter
Category: Mental Health / Teaching and Tutoring

Rise over Run Math
Providing: Professional math tutoring and math enrichment courses for individuals and small groups
Contact: RiseOverRunMath.com
     Email sheila@riseoverrunmath.com
Location: Bentonville, Arkansas, United States or virtually on zoom
Payments: BTC, ETH, Cash, Zelle
Category: Teaching and Tutoring

SCUBAgora - Cabo San Lucas
Providing: SCUBA courses and tours. Personalized tour guide services, in and out of the water. Experience the best of Baja Sur!
Contact: SCUBAgora.mx
     Email sarahsmiff@protonmail.com
Location: Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico
Payments: Crypto, cash, barter and/or whatever non-bank method
Category: Teaching and Tutoring / Travel and Tourism

Providing: one-on-one crypto set up coaching. I will help set you up with a wallet, an exchange, and show you how to use crypto to make purchases and stay secure.
Contact: Soverno.com/crypto
Location: Web based
Payments: Crypto
Category: CryptoCurrencies and Precious Metals / Teaching and Tutoring

TalkTime Spanish Tutoring
Providing: Reduced cost Spanish lessons for kids aged 2-10 and adult beginners, to give them an edge in an increasingly globalized world.
Contact: lbry.tv/@TalkTimeSpanishTutoring:1
     Email nidieunimaitre@librem.one
Location: Web Based
Shipping: Ships kids' assessment stickers from Ohio, United States
Payments: Cash, money order, barter, gift cards (major grocery stores)
Category: Teaching and Tutoring

The One Revolution Initiative [TORI]
Providing: TORI is an entire ecosystem of 250+ team members who have specialized in almost every "essential" career sector you can think of. Everything you've researched about the state of humanity is real! We are here to initiate real solutions in real time!
Items offered: Privacy Consultations (how to disappear online and go incognito),
Cryptocurrency Consultations (how to invest and preserve your wealth in crypto),
End of the World Preparation Consultations (how to opt-out of governance, make the transition to intentional community building and become 100% self-reliant),
Information Technology Consultations (website hosting, source code to make your own vpn, learn how to code *python, arduino, raspberry pi*, how to build a privacy earthship),
Other Services (we help people find their tribe, mental health hotline services, and more).
Contact: OneRevolution@protonmail.com Please put the category of the item you are requesting in the subject line of the email exactly how it is listed here. Our team gets a lot of emails to this server. Please, this helps us know which person to send your case to. Thank you.
Location: Web Based from United States
Payments: Cryptocurrencies, Silver, Gold, Cash, Money Order, Barter, Gift, And/Or Whatever Non-Bank Method
Category: Other Services / Information Technology / CryptoCurrencies and Precious Metals / Teaching and Tutoring

Tiny Giant Lifestyle
Providing: Offering AirCrete online video courses and Hands on Building School. Both teaching people how to build insulating comfortable off-grid AirCrete or Cellular Cement housing, bug out locations, and cabins for $26 per square foot. Including solar power instruction. Some free online videos.
Contact: TinyGiantLife.biz
     Email befree@tinygiantlife.biz
Location: Web based and Training near Terlingua Ranch Lodge in Texas
Shipping: Streaming video or in person on location training
Payments: Bitcoin on page (contact me for other crypto), silver, gold, cash, money order, barter, labor/internship
Category: Construction and Demolition / Teaching and Tutoring / Agorism Promoting Online Publications

Towards Liberty Agora
Providing: The Agora Towards Liberty is a gathering place for peers to foster a holistic understanding of Bitcoin, entrepreneurship, operational security, and applied freedom strategies with tailor made education for your individual curiosity. Using the ancient Socratic method of truth discovery through reasoning and gathering with peers to discuss in depth any topic worth understanding.
Contact: TowardsLiberty.com
     Email max@towardsliberty.com
Location: Web Based, Cyberspace and Second Realms
Shipping: None
Payments: Bitcoin [on-chain and lightning network]
Category: Teaching and Tutoring / CryptoCurrencies and Precious Metals

TRANGSLATION to/from Vietnamese-English-Spanish
Providing: Professional translation and interpretation service in any field, especially cryptocurrency. Also, teach language classes, I have 5 years of experience in teaching.
Contact: Email trangjulie@protonmail.com
Location: Web Based
Shipping: Free
Payments: Barter, cash, or whatever we may agree on.
Category: Teaching and Tutoring / Translating

Translations to/from Italian, English, Danish
Providing: I am fluent in English, Danish and Italian (native) and can offer translations and assistance/teaching/conversations.
Contact: DarioAndreella.com
     Matrix/Element @darayavahush:matrix.org
     Email business@darioandreella.com
Location: Web Based
Shipping: Free
Payments: Crypto, barter, cash, whatever we may agree on
Category: Teaching and Tutoring / Translating

Ubatuda Math and Physics tutoring
Providing: Online tutoring for Math and Physics at any level from high school through college, including preparation for AP, SAT, ACT, GRE and MCAT. Gain valuable skills from Aaron, an MIT alum which has been tutoring and teaching math and physics for over 10 years! Online tutoring over video chat with online whiteboard.
Contact: ubatoots@gmail.com
Location: Web Based
Payments: Crypto, silver, money order, barter and/or whatever non-bank method we can arrange
Category: Internet Services, Teaching and Tutoring, Clerical

Urban Defense Academy
Providing: Firearms training, armed and un-armed self defense training, private lessons or groups
Contact: UrbanDefenseAcademy.com
     Telegram t.me/UrbanDefenseAcademy
     Email training@urbandefenseacademy.com
Location: Liberty Hill, Texas, United States
Payments: Crypto, silver, gold, cash, other trade items agreed by both parties
Category: Teaching and Tutoring / Weapons and Ammo

Unschool of One
Providing: Teacher seeks Student. Must have fervent desire to save the world; Apply by email (numinouspath@protonmail.com). History is a lie agreed upon, Science is blinded by observing only matter, Religion blinds its pupils by separating the spirit from the realm of matter, Law has become an ever-changing entity which is no longer Natural, and the Music remains frozen in the ruins of forgotten Architecture. Young or Old, applicants may attain friendly access to both my knowledge as a Theosopher and my skills as a Teacher. One to find roots within truth and One to grow fruits directly out of the pupil in service of the whole. There will be no passing or failing, only the potential of good discussion and the fruits of a free individual's labor.
Contact: Email NuminousPath@protonmail.com
     Discord discord.gg/FThDNKqRxa
Location: Nevada, California, United States or Web Based
Payments: Barter and Gift
Category: Teaching and Tutoring

Wellman Wellness Training
Providing: WWT provides workable strategies and habits to help people with long term health lifestyle.
1) Teaching people how to be proactive with healing their body naturally, from common ailments.
2) Creating effective, progressive workout programs.
3) Support and direction to ensure success.
Allow people to understand how to heal their bodies, and workout best to their unique goals, capabilities, and pinpoint areas in which to improve.
Contact: WellmanWellnessTraining.net
     Instagram @ wellmanwellnesstraining
     YouTube @ wellmanwellnesstraining
     Facebook @ wellmanwellnesstraining
Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and worldwide Web Based training services
Payments: cash, silver, or cryptocurrency upon request and best method for customer
Category: Body Care, Teaching and Tutoring